Staff training
  Problem solving
  Kitchen and worshop engeneering


  • your kitchen or your workshop
  • your suppliers
  • your supply chain

Depending on your business and needs, with a special focus on:

  • hygiene and product safety
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP),
  • cold and/or hot chain
  • product traceability
  • auto-control etc….


Staff training:

  • hygiene training
  • more, depending on your needs


Problem solving:

Your quality is not consistent ?

You have a customer claim and need to answer to it?

You need to re-organize your kitchen/workshop and don’t know how to do it?

QualisChef will have a solution that meets to your needs.


Kitchen and workshop engeneering:

You are working on a new project?  QualisChef can help you to choose the best layout for your workshop or kitchen in order to comply with GMP and to find the optimal work ergonomy.

  Staff training
  Problem solving
  Kitchen and worshop engeneering